Hoppy books for children

This is Hoppy!

Hoppy books for children is a new type of book with the goal to inspire children to follow their dreams. Hoppy always finds a way to make her dreams come true and following her on her adventures you learn how it's done! Why wait? The life of your dreams starts here and now!

Hoppy understands what I wish that all children (and adults too!) would understand: that everybody can have anything they wish for in life! Let Hoppy inspire you... Life becomes what you make of it – every day!

Every page of the book – besides the story for the children – has a "commentary" for the adult reciter, explaining how Hoppy thinks and why she acts in a certain way. Using this commentary at the bottom of each page, hopefully the reciter takes the opportunity to convey Hoppys message and therefore reads the story with emotion to inspire the children on their journey towards getting anything they desire.

Hoppy – You can have anything you wish for!

The first book about Hoppy is "Hoppy and the golden coins" (published in Sweden 2012, "Hoppy och guldpengarna"), suitable for children 4–8 years and all their loved ones...

Hoppy sits in a chair daydreaming about bathing in a sea of golden coins... And so one day when Hoppy is out walking amongst the trees she sees a pile of stones... Hoppy gets an idea!

Follow your dreams!

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© Anna Olausson | Illustrations: Elin Lindwall